Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like Pulling Teeth: Chapter Draft Done

Wordle cloud of Chapter 2

My god, I feel bludgeoned. What was that? I've never gone through a deadline like that before. I've complained here before about how it sucks to have a little kid while writing. Well, it still holds true. In fact, I think it was even worse this time. He might be sick, and he hasn't slept enough the past few days, and I don't think I've ever heard so much constant whiny crying in my life (except when I'm the one doing it, I suppose).

But okay, I admit, I can't blame the general dreadfulness of this recent writing experience all on my kid. It was just not much fun, even when I had the house all to myself in order to write. I'm ashamed of the overuse of a few words as indicated on the Wordle cloud above, a sure sign that I was not in the groove during the writing. I thought that everything I learned was interesting, but I couldn't make my brain go to that place. You know. That sweet, sweet place where all the words just come and you're not constantly using the terrible Word-program thesaurus. Maybe I just had too many distractions in my life. Maybe all of the digital stimulation is turning my brain into mush.

At least I have a draft now, a substantial one, to boot. At the moment, I'm not looking forward to making the additions (i.e., original work) that it needs; nevertheless, I have a draft. And I do believe I can have another one done in much less time than this one took me (um, yeah, almost a year. I suck at grad school).


Natalia said...

Gladys, you DON'T suck at grad school. Sheesh. Congratulations on finishing the draft!

Gladys said...

aw, thanks, n. (though i wasn't fishing, validation. i just feel like a dumb kid, still. i guess doesn't help that i do research on infantilization.)

Okir said...

Hey I only just saw this now. Congratulations! it's a biggie to get that done, eh?

Gladys said...

thanks, j! it was def. a big deal, but of course revision will be challenging, too. hope your own work is going well. i'm excited to see your diss!